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10 Tips For Breaking the Counterfeiter's Hold On The Consumer

A seemingly unwinnable battle against fakes appears to lie ahead with counterfeit networks expanding and evolving constantly online. Despite the limited resources, protecting a brand requires investment. However, there is one key weapon which is arguably underused by brands to date. The consumer. 

Turn consumers against counterfeiters and you can potentially terminate this epidemic altogether. Read more to find out how. 

Top 10 Most Counterfeited Markets

The market for counterfeit goods is growing worldwide and companies have to work harder than ever to combat this threat. Just how big is the market? Legal IQ Brings you the top 10 most counterfeited goods by market size


Brand Protection via Successful Prosecution

Legal IQ speaks to Peter Ratcliffe, Detective Chief Inspector, Economic Crime Directorate, City of London Police to find out how brands can best collaborate with authorities and service providers to achieve successful 
brand protection via prosecution. Some of the strategies discussed include closing illegal websites using technology to identify, quantify online loss and track payments.

White Papers

5 Ways to Protect your Empire

Focusing on presenting insight on prevention from some of the most anti-counterfeited markets - including fashion, technology and film, we are happy to present: Five Ways to Protect your Empire.

Read this insightful whitepaper and find out: 

  • Björn Borg's new approach and how they plan to protect themselves on Facebook
  • How Federation Against Copyright Theft dismantled a criminal enterprise illegally streaming video content. 
  • The debate Confederation of Sporting Goods has on whether or not the internet knows any borders and the importance of local laws.

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How Bernard Matthews Used an Intelligence-Led Strategy to Protect Their Brand

Maya Fowell interviews Phil Collins, Head of Security for Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd, to find out how Bernard Matthews are proactively managing attacks on their brand, using new technologies to stay ahead of criminals and building relationships with external partners and law enforcement to ensure they remain ‘bootiful’ for another 60 years.


The Ten Commandments for Developing and Implementing an Effective Brand Protection and Anti-counterfeiting Strategy

Counterfeiting is not just about losing money on illicit sales, but the public safety and health is also put at risk. Legal IQ together with Lars Henriksson, Corporate Counsel, Global Intellectual Property from Husqvarna, created this eBook to help you develop and implement a successful brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategy.


Blurred Lines: Analysing Six Recent Brand Infringement Case Studies

Focusing on EU and US specific cases (such as B&B vs. Hargis and Louis Vuitton vs. The World), Legal IQ brings you an analysis of 6 recent brand infringement trials and 10 practical tips for protecting your brand from infringers.

Exclusive Content

4 Key Threats in Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting

It is imperative to remain appraised of emerging or changing threats. With this in mind, we spoke with expert in the field Johan Hulshof, IP & Legal Counsel at NXP Semiconductors about threats that currently facing companies and asked what they should remain vigilant for.

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Discover what organisations are ready to dramatically reduce their brand risks and protect their company`s most valuable assets.

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Brand Protection: Pillars and People – How to Develop Successful Relationships with Key Stakeholders

Brand security is essential for every organisation globally as your brand is the key to your success.  With new risks emerging daily from counterfeiters and online threats, how will you best protect your organisation from not only a damaged brand but also lost revenue? Metka Glas, Brand Protection Director for Studio Moderna, joins Legal IQ to discuss taking a holistic approach to anti-counterfeiting, relationship management and the role of the customer in winning the fight against the counterfeiters.

Intellectual Property Enforcement – IKEA’s Lessons Learnt

In this Legal IQ interview Cecilia Emanuelson, Legal Affairs Manager for IKEA, discusses strategies for global intellectual property enforcement, the importance of trademark protection and lessons learnt in the field.

How to Protect your Empire

Strategy. Framework. Execution. Pitfalls. Status.

According to brand protection experts, these are the 5 areas you need to ensure the complete understanding of in order to protect and maintain the integrity of your products.

In this extract from Legal IQ's 5 Ways to Protect your Empire Whitepaper, Maya Fowell interviews Victoria Swedjemark from Björn Borg to find out how they've found success by being pragmatic with their approach to litigation.

Cracking Down on Counterfeit Goods on the Internet

Guido Baumgartner, Vice-President for Global Brand Protection at Coty Inc joins Legal IQ to discuss some of the trends, challenges, and key issues in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting today.


Taking a Holistic Approach to Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting

The customer is your No 1 key stakeholder and the front line of  your defence against counterfeiters. Metka Glas, Brand Protection Director from Studio Moderna , speaks to Legal IQ about how to utilise customer feedback and intelligence in the fight against counterfeiters. Glas also shares her insights on taking a holistic approach to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, where every stakeholder is treated as a partner
>> Listen to the interview

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Trademark Registration Strategy - IKEA’s Cecilia Emanuelson on Lessons Learnt from Enforcing IP Globally

“The basis for a successful brand protection strategy starts at the very beginning of the trademarks life,” says Cecilia Emanuelson, Legal Affairs Manager, Inter IKEA Holding Services S.A. In this Legal IQ Interview Cecilia Emanuelson from IKEA, speaks to Andrea Charles from Legal IQ about how trademark protection is an important criteria for the success of the IKEA concept>> Find out more

Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development

Dave McAllister, Director of Open Source at Adobe Systems, Mikk Putk, Patent Attorney, Patent searcher and Partner at Sarap & Partners Patent Agency, also owner of the IP Insiders blog, together with Stephen Jenei, Editor in Chief of Patent Baristas Blog and Patent Attorney and Owner of Jenei LLC discuss Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development.

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Discover what organisations are ready to dramatically reduce their brand risks and protect their company`s most valuable assets.

Exclusive Content

Joining Efforts with Licensees to Effectively Minimise Counterfeiting

Legal IQ spoke with Brechtje Lindeboom, Legal Counsel at the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) about their work with outside partners. Brechtje outlines how to maintain a healthy relationship with external partners and shares her thoughts on what the future of the anti-counterfeiting landscape may look like.


Brand Protection: Fighting the Online Counterfeiters

With the advancement of technology comes a raft of brand protection issues, as products are made increasingly vulnerable to the actions of counterfeiters. Year upon year, they use more sophisticated tools to rip off the bestselling brands. If companies are to overcome this, brand protection strategies must be integrated and aligned with marketing plans, instead of being treated separately...